Monday, March 1, 2010

Home Schooling

  1. Listening to inspiring music while I work (Music Appreciation)
  2. Cuddling up on the couch with school as the storm rages outside
  3. Playing outside all day long in spring and fall (P.E.)
  4. Pretending the floor of the whole house was lava
  5. Making up ‘recipes’ for lunch
  6. Practicing piano (Music)
  7. Rocking out to 50s music while cleaning the house (Domestic Studies)
  8. Going to Disney World FIFTEEN times (can I say Field Trip…sssss?)
  9. Celebrating your birthday (School holiday)
  10. Jumping off your sisters’ four poster bed because they promised you if they sprinkled fairy dust (i.e. dust from the window sill) over you, you could fly
  11. Cutting off your hair because you were in a fiery passion while pretending to be Jo from Little Women and “you needed the money”
  12. Watching Mr. Rodger’s at 11:30 and knowing when it was over it was lunch time
  13. Writing secret languages just for you and a sister
  14. Thinking you were digging to China when in reality you were messing up the horizontal levelness of the back stairs for life
  15. Making mud pies just the right consistency
  16. Climbing the mast of a ship (or the trunk of a tree, whatever)
  17. Weaving May-Day baskets, and leaving them on the doorsteps of unsuspecting neighbors
  18. Naming a street, and putting it on the map (zoomed in times a million)
  19. Taking snow-days even though there was no need
  20. Taking nice-days because they were…nice
  21. Cleaning out the fridge, a science lesson in mold
  22. Taking cleaning days in spring to clean the house
  23. Running in the back pasture with your arms stretched wide, simply believing you could fly
  24. Hearing you siblings run around the house yelling and screaming, and still be able to do your school
  25. Yelling at your little siblings thinking that will make them understand long division
  26. Singing at the top of your lungs to an unwilling audience
  27. Playing ‘college dorm’ with your sister
  28. Having your little brother be able to out spell you any day of the week
  29. Watching your big sisters’ Algebra tapes and wondering what in the world
  30. Living
  31. Loving
  32. Laughing
  33. Wailing
  34. Whining
  35. Wacking
  36. Evaluating Equations
  37. Reading, reading, reading
  38. Conquering imaginary nations
  39. Sword fighting with butter knives
  40. Experiencing cave life at the end of a dark hallway, complete with blankets, flashlights, and snacks
  41. Traveling the Oregon Trail with bunk-beds for wagons
  42. Collecting American Girl dolls and accessories
  43. Holding an American Girl doll club for a record three weeks
  44. Joining Keepers at Home, and having secret sisters
  45. Picking up pinecones from the front yard, and getting paid
  46. Getting blown away in your house boat (i.e. the front porch) on really windy days
  47. Escaping to foreign lands via book (no passports necessary, merely a place to sit)
  48. Being a part of Family Theatre in the good old days
  49. Doing everything a certain older sister did (pure peer pressure guys)
  50. Living, breathing, worshiping, praising, loving, admiring the Lord, God most high!

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